Dishes That Look Amazing With a Sprinkling of Black Salt

Black salt — commonly produced in either Hawaii or South Asia — is known for its dramatic, dark shade and strong taste. Needless to say, you don’t want to buy black salt and then use it in your breakfast muffin recipe. Using this salt in either cooking or baking will most likely drain the condiment of its distinctive flavor. That’s why foodies recommend using black salt as an elegant finishing touch to a meal.

Here are just a few dishes that look great with just a few grains of black salt on top:

1- Tofu omelets

Veganism — that is, diets that allow exactly zero animal products — has grown in popularity in recent years, with even former President Bill Clinton and renowned New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman jumping on the bandwagon. But those vegans who miss having decadent brunches might want to go out and buy black salt right this minute, because it’s said to have an “eggy” taste that perfectly compliments vegan breakfast dishes. According to some users, sprinkle some black salt on a tofu omelet and you’ll swear that you were eating an actual egg dish.

2- Anything from South Asia

One type of black salt has its origins in South Asia, specifically the countries of Pakistan, Nepal, and India. So it makes sense that using black salt as a finishing touch on traditional dishes from these countries makes perfect sense. Try black salts in chutneys, curries, on top of potatoes, or even in refreshing tamarind drinks. Some believe that the salt has cooling properties, which is why it is commonly used it fruit drinks in some parts of South Asia.

3- Deep fried snacks

This is also a practice that’s common in South Asia — slap some black salt on a deep fried goodie for an extra contrast in flavor.