How to select names for German shepherds using the Internet

Selecting a name for the new puppy that is creating havoc in your house can become an unnerving task; particularly when you have to cope with competing interests and names.

One way to ease that burden is to use Internet sites that let you select from thousands of dog names with the click of a mouse. Many of these sites organize dog names in categories according to breed, size, color, gender, etc. of the puppy to be named. This allows a dog owner to zero in on a list of the most appropriate names for the new companion by breaking down the choices according to the above mentioned general categories. You will still end up with a list of several dozen, if not hundreds, of possible names.  But it certainly is more rational and fitting than other hit and miss naming methods.


Nevertheless, experienced dog owners and dog trainers suggest a few important steps to follow when selecting names for German shepherds:

  • Name the dog as early as possible

Puppies have a short attention span. They are also exposed to a flood of new and exciting experiences. Make their name a common thread in this process by using it early, consistently and often.

  • Don’t name the puppy, name the adult dog

Puppies are cute and often cuddly. A dog name that is good for a puppy may be out-of-place for the adult. “Gigi’ may be a good name for a fluffy, playful puppy but is an embarrassment to the adult White Eskimo dog.

  • Select a short name

Avoid long names and do not use names that sound more like a sentence than a signal the dog can recognize even in a noisy environment full of distractions.

Armed with these suggestions, you can put dog name websites to good use.