Need for an alternative to Viagra has been felt

Erectile dysfunction is normally associated with age. A host of other reasons such as injuries, effect of medication and psychological issues too can cause erectile dysfunction. A man can otherwise lead a normal life even with erectile dysfunction. But the basic sexual urge gets affected and he starts losing confidence in himself. There have been medicines to cure this problem but they only served to cure the symptoms and no effort had been made to go to the root of the problem. Even the most advertised drug namely Viagra too addresses the symptoms only. Hence an urgent need to find a permanent solution to the problem was warranted. Tom Bradford in his newly released ebook, The ED Miracle Shake talks about the problems faced by him in his personal life and how this personal crisis led him to find an everlasting cure for erectile dysfunction.


He has prescribed the recipe as well as the course for the supplements stating that anyone who follows this course regularly and diligently would reap the benefits instantaneously. The supplement concentrates on increasing the flow of blood to the penis through the capillaries by attempting to unclog them of all the cholesterol collected over the years. It is believed that restriction of flow of blood to the penis is the root cause of the erectile dysfunction. Restoration of the same should be the cure then. It is also believed that people who have this problem of erectile dysfunction have been confined to use of medical suppressants. This has undesirable side effects and this is the point which he would like to rectify. The miracle shake claims to relax the blood vessels which supply blood to the organ and this results in enhanced flow of blood to the penis making it grow in size and retain its rigidity for long.