Helping the society at large

Patrick Henry has had a distinguished career as a senior executive management professional for about 25 years. Out of the 25 years he has spent half the period as CEO of Entropic Communications. His authority on the subject of semiconductors and electronic chips are tales of folklore. He has a pragmatic approach towards any problems and is considered to most resourceful especially when the chips are down. This has been amply proved as he shepherded the company through the recession of 2008 and 2009. He not only survived the recession but also took the company to new heights after 2010 till the period he was ousted as CEO in 2014. A moment of madness in a fit of rage saw him serve six months behind bars thus proving that however big you may be, the law is always bigger than you. You have to pay for your sins no matter how powerful you might be.

This incident has had an adverse effect on the fortunes of the company he helped build. Now that he was no longer referred to as Patrick Henry Entropic CEO, he shifted his attention to other companies and has been in the forefront in the formation of a new company called Evonexus. In this way he has tried to give back to the industry what he had earned from it. This is a new company which has been formed to help startup companies and guide them on their way to success. This is a commendable job they are doing and Patrick Henry is helping in whatever way he can. He brings with him loads of experience and knowledge which can be of great use to the younger generation startup enterprises. Many a startup enterprise has benefited by the help rendered by Evonexus as well as by the experts in the industry.