How to Get American Netflix in a Foreign Country

Netflix is a paid subscription service that provides you a pay-on-demand access to various television shows, which includes running serialized shows, documentaries, and even movie. You have to pay a monthly fee for the content you have watched. Now, Netflix is available almost all over the world, but even so, it is interesting to note that the American Netflix is the most desired as it has the highest amount of content. That is the reason why people who are outside the US are curiousĀ in their own country.

What you must know basically is that your access to Netflix is an international subscription. That might sound vague, but what it means is that once you pay for Netflix from a particular country, you can continue to watch it even if you move to another country provided you are in a region where Spotify works. To extend that concept, if you wish to watch American Netflix outside the US, all you have to do is to convince Netflix that you are watching it from the US.

This can be easily done by using some software that can act as a proxy server. A proxy server fakes your IP address so that your location shows as a different location from what it really is. Usually the right configuration, you can tweak this software so as to show your location in the US. Once that is set, you will be able to browse and access the entire collection of American Netflix show without any hassle. You only need to ensure that your payments are all made in order.

Thus, it is relatively easy to get hold of the content on American Netflix. Some people do have qualms about the legality of it all, but in these times of net neutrality, not many people are scrupulous about such methods.